In the same week I wrote about self healing

In the same week I wrote about self healing

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After you finish with the building part, it’s time to fill the new compost box. The first thing to go in is the drainage material. You can use straws, twigs or thin branches. And like the ink blots, the new social landscape is painted with synchronicity. cover custodia samsung In the same week I wrote about self healing, self love, self acceptance and non judgment as behaviors that helped me escape from my own prison of self loathing, Russell Bishop wrote a wonderful piece on close tolerance and the role it plays in our judgment of others. I am sure there are hundreds of others looking at the same question, “How did we, the most generous, loving, giving people on the planet become so judgmental about ourselves and others?” and perhaps an even more frightening reality, “What will become of us if this trend continues?” What will happen if we can’t “just get along” as Rodney King suggested two decades ago?.

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