Apparently we had a gust of 151 miles per hour; pretty strong

Apparently we had a gust of 151 miles per hour; pretty strong

And flying within Europe really isn’t that expensive. You might find that you can better relate to a photographer from Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, or Norway) as they have a culture that is quite similar to North America. 99% of Scandinavians can speak very good English, so finding an english speaking wedding photographer in Greece who comes from Denmark or Sweden shouldn’t be a problem..

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If you’re not aware of it already, we here in Scotland are taking a battering from the wind. Apparently we had a gust of 151 miles per hour; pretty strong. Even our famous Forth Canada Goose Jackets Bridges are giving in to the gusts, with the Road Bridge closed and the Rail Bridge cross able with care.

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I don’t have the time/desire for extensive repairs, and I’d have to hire it all out anyway, so I’d end up paying top dollar. I would need something turnkey, therefore, I’d likely pay quite a bit more for the property. After all the normal expenses, and I do include property management because I don’t necessarily want to self manage, my returns are nothing more than average, at best..

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