Coming away with the Ayton or Doncic

Coming away with the Ayton or Doncic

If KAT really does want out and that situation is at all at the risk of becoming untenable (which is purely rumor at this point), there probably isn a better time to maximize his value. Coming away with the Ayton or Doncic, along with the extra years of control, plus another young piece is a pretty good haul.Really depends in part on whether the front office likes Doncic or Ayton more, because Doncic would be a bit redundant with both Wiggins and JB on the wings. A guy putting up 30 PPG but getting abused by both guards and big men on the regular is really tough to build around no matter how good they are on offense.The thing about poor guard defenders is at least you can hide them on players that are unlikely to isolate.

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