Japanese broadcasts said de fending batteries gave the Ameri

Japanese broadcasts said de fending batteries gave the Ameri

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buy canada goose jacket Looking cheap canada goose jackets toronto forward to a nice relaxing weekend to be honest with you, around hockey, Maurice said. Should be fun. I looking forward to watching Mark and Blake together. The Soviet communique said the Germans lost another 400 men in the attacks and that Russian storm Joseph troops nnd captured another 116 blocks of buildings, giving them con among the trol of more than of the city’s American Flotilla, Japs Report (By Associated Press) Tokyo radio reported today more than 450 American transports “are; streaming north towards Luzon” island in the Philippines where Jap anese broadcasts said more than 70 warships and swarms of carrier planes bombarded Lingayen Gulf 120 miles north of Manila, contin uously for two days. Japanese broadcasts said de fending batteries gave the Ameri :an flotilla “the hottest reception, ever recorded in the annals of war. Landing Propaganda broadcasts described the air and naval canada goose outlet mall bombardment as ‘The enemy’s usual tactics preced ing a landing” and forecast Yank assault troops might storm, “the shore at any time.” “The whole gulf roared with tha blasts of gunfire from both sides” throughout Saturday and Sunday, said a frontline dispatch of the Jap anese Dome! news agency. buy canada goose jacket

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