Also bear in mind only 33% of the average have played their

Also bear in mind only 33% of the average have played their

So you doing better than the average but not the top 10k average. Also bear in mind only 33% of the average have played their captain so far, so if you have you really not that much ahead of the average at all.So yeah, 33 from 7 is a fairly average score and doesn read like you bragging at all but the morons who just look at numbers can see that and just hit the downvote button without thinking. That the one thing I fucking hate about this sub.koopa_coffee 14 points submitted 1 month agoBrit here.

hydro flask stickers The people that got their ticket stolen never got any justice for it as they failed to write on the ticket. Neighbors who stole it still live there. Just sad what money can do to people. Nano USB Travel Adapter is a great buy for $0.50. You can keep this in the travel bag and never forget the charger again. The adapter has a charging indicator if LED and IC chip which informs you when the Nano is complete charged. hydro flask stickers

hydro flask stickers It totally eludes me how this party that only operates in one state and has been under the leadership of an idiot for as long as I can remember has amassed this much influence.The AfD. Any party that harbours Neo Nazis, antisemites, homophobes and similar scum has my utter contempt and the world would be better off without them. 80 points submitted 1 month agoIn Germany (Bavaria at least) the older generation is definitely more right wing and Christian. hydro flask stickers

hydro flask This compound has a useful anti inflammatory effect but castor oil gives the cream an unpleasantly heavy, sticky feel if there’s too much of it. I could go on and on about all the different oils. Suffice it to say, after much experimentation, this one is my favorite. hydro flask

hydro flask tumbler Cranberries possess natural compounds that have the ability to maintain a healthy urinary tract. It was once believed that the method of action for cranberry’s urinary tract benefits was limited to its ability to acidify the urine. Recent scientific studies suggest that there’s more to it than just its ability to lower urinary pH.. hydro flask tumbler

hydro flask “48. Never count ’em out, nope. I’ve had friends over the years that have worked for Hendrick and have worked with the 48 team. After the first 3 items, which are the same as yours, I go for Static Shiv. SS, because it has great synergy with RFC and FF and the initial damage is a bit higher. Also you reach 100% crit which is amazing for your mobility. hydro flask

Gulati’s status isn’t as clear cut. As president of the federation, he is responsible for more than just the results of the men’s national team. Soccer board and that isn’t likely to try to oust him because, among other reasons, he has been instrumental in growing the game in this country and is a key cog in efforts to bring the 2026 World Cup to North America..

hydro flask lids Don have short hair hydro flask, but I have purple hair. I tone my own hair/sometimes my friends and I have toning parties where we tone each others hair in a daisy chain lmao. I toned my hair twice in the last six months and I finally going back in to get a trim and my highlights touched up. hydro flask lids

Although they finished second in the conference to the San Jose Sharks hydro flask, the Wings became the first team in NHL history to top 100 points in nine straight seasons. The Red Wings would face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Finals for a second consecutive year, but this series would feature a different outcome as the Penguins defeated the Red Wings in seven games. The Red Wings became only the second NHL team to lose the Stanley Cup at home in Game 7.

hydro flask tumbler I pre cut strips of a stretchy 5 inch wide colored foam, sold in rolls at home centers as a barrier between the top of a house’s foundation and the house itself, marked each strip in sequence. It contains other information that does not fit the step by step format of Instructables. Click link to an album that contains the article, click “READ FIRST” instructions for reading and printing fine text. hydro flask tumbler

hydro flask lids Under coach V. Sundramoorthy, Singapore have played 21 times, won two, drawn five and lost the other 14. More pertinently, the Lions haven’t won a game since Nov. This Gcode stuff is pretty neat. Turns out I was Under extruding. It was only feeding 97mm on a command for 100. hydro flask lids

hydro flask tumbler You get matched against the owner 12 year old kid. You get matched against a lvl 3 judge. You get matched against someone with 75 cards in their draft deck. Terms cheap hydro flask, including American overseeing of the Haitian economy. Propaganda and further entrench the perception of Haitians being incompetent of self governance. World War I, the US, Britain hydro flask, and Russia had been allies for seven months, from April 1917 until the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in November. hydro flask tumbler

hydro flask sale Cup Series to qualify and race same day at Watkins Glen Watkins Glen International has announced the official race weekend schedule for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR XFINITY Series hydro flask hydro flask, and the NASCAR K Pro Series East tripleheader weekend, August 3 6. This year’s event will feature an enhanced Sunday lineup featuring Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series qualifying at 12:35pm/et, just hours prior to the start of the 90 lap race which goes green at 3:00pm/et. The NASCAR K Pro Series East 100 and NASCAR XFINITY Series Zippo 200 will take center stage on Friday hydro flask, August 4th and Saturday hydro flask, August 5th, with the sport’s up and coming stars taking on the historic 2.45 mile road course in search of a precious win and points that could propel their team in the hunt for a championship (WGI)[More](3 1 2017]. hydro flask sale

hydro flask sale 7 Pep Guardiola’s not known for making big calls on substitutions his sides don’t normally require them. But his decision to take off Stones at half time was the right one and City looked much more balanced both defensively and offensively. His slow integration of Phil Foden into the first team also looks the right move, despite the clamour for the 18 year old to be thrust onto the big stage quicker.. hydro flask sale

hydro flask lids If you are looking for a highly affordable data projector to use to project images or videos or for use as a home theatre, the Optoma HD20 is a model in the $1000 range. It is a 1080p projector. This means that it has 1080 horizontal scan lines that are scanned progressively hydro flask lids.