10 February 2018

On Propaganda – From Religious Knives

These chapters are from: RELIGIOUS KNIVES: Historical and Psychological Dimensions of International Terrorism JOUNI SUISTOLA, PhD and VAMIK D. VOLKAN, MD Pitchstone Publishing Durham, North Carolina […]
10 February 2018

Harvard Stanford University Club, Vienna Talk

Events in Vamık Volkan’s life played a significant role in his establishing the International Dialogue Initiative (IDI) in 2007. He was born to Turkish parents on […]
2 December 2017

Dr. Vamık Volkan’s 2017 Academic Activities

BOOKS Volkan, V. D. (2017). Immigrants and Refugees: Trauma, Perennial Mourning, and Border Psychology. London: Karnac. (Turkish edition: Göcmenler ve Mülteciler: Travma, Sürekli Yas, Onyargı ve […]
2 August 2017

Religious Knives

Advance Praise “A very unique and powerful addition to our understanding of what motivates the use of terrorism as a political tool.” —Eileen F. Babbitt, PhD, […]