16 April 2015

A relationship is about starting over and making something new

For the next few decades, the trend of the world’s worst kept secret continued, until the new conservatism engendered by the Eisenhower era forced vibrators under […]
12 April 2015

I love a prostate massage from my wife

Old oppositions signifiers such as literal/figural and alternative/mainstream are now much more elusive. And gender hierarchies have become much more flexible, if not less tyrannical. While […]
8 April 2015

I been in the corporate world in almost 15 years now

Drilling into specific markets at September 30. A number of our major markets, including Orlando, Jacksonville wholesale sex toys, Charlotte, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles, […]
6 April 2015

I went to the back and shouted “Who’s there?” “It’s Bob

“How on earth can straight men bugger women when the glory hole is available? ” I asked myself and my manhood was waking up when there […]