3 May 2015

I’d feel worse about this but honestly you’d probably have

So I should NOT be pregnant, because pregnancy only happens with sperm, right? Ok so I know that and I was pretty relaxed about what I […]
3 May 2015

The concept was very intriguing

interview with rachel kramer bussel on edenfantasys vibrators This is one of those products I would recommend to people that are highly sensitive to cooling sensations. […]
2 May 2015

Push the button once to turn on and hold down to turn off

why your pink parts should go green cheap fleshlight He was my first love. I’ve been pushing through school (I’m a senior) with “happy smiles”, while […]
30 April 2015

This leather like fabric helps prevent the spreader bar from

Muted shades of beige and off white suited the restful setting. Not one piece of carbon copy furniture, assembly line lamp, or misshapen, flimsy drapery marred […]