10 May 2015

Every time I ask him “Can I help you find anything Bill?” and

Many women are not aware of the possible pleasure they can derive from this area before they learn to recognize the area and the right stimulation […]
7 May 2015

It adds to a growing body of data which indicates Corbyn is so

The results show that Labour have not only under performed vibrators vibrators0, but they done worse than the lower end of expectations whilst the conservatives have […]
6 May 2015

I’m not even sure it is a snag

The straps can also be used for balancing. Say you want to lean forwards or backwards on top of your partner but you cannot lean that […]
4 May 2015

I’m leaving for tour tomorrow

We’re best friends as well as lovers. We laugh at how other people always fight, how silly people are for not communicating etc. We talk about […]