27 September 2014

“And Wilma, and many others, defined power as power to

best mate and ‘wet herself’ in a nightclub wolf dildo We haven’t discussed that possibility, no. It’s a conversation we’ve been continuing for the past couple […]
27 September 2014

That should always be the way

Largent later said “that he needed the money to pay off debts” and stated that this was “one way to earn money,” proving that he was […]
27 September 2014

HAMPLE: Well, I should point out one thing, that I don’t have

He expressed surprise when I told him that the naturally right handed Mickelson also mirrored his father’s swing. But the American couldn’t have hoped to match […]
26 September 2014

Another inch of material might have prevented this and when I

A while ago, just before the death of my graahfntder (he actually died of a stroke at one of my cousin hockey games that led to […]