15 January 2015

But he’s a very upbeat person

Velcro straps, functional i suppose, but i want some bling, buckles, chrome, not to big and heavy, i don’t want to feel like i am wearing […]
15 January 2015

LA Galaxy are charging astronomical prices on their replica

Notes It was Turn Back The Clock Day at Tropicana Field, with the Orioles wearing replicas of uniforms from their 1970 World Series championship season. The […]
15 January 2015

When men hire geisha to entertain at a party

“About 16 months ago I was at my wits end. [sad emoji] I was experiencing a lot of bloating hair toppers, and tummy troubles, some anxiousness […]
14 January 2015

“[7] The magazine also officially premiered Sharaya’s new music

You can already hear some of the music in your head. You carefully place the needle on the edge of the record and press the play […]