24 February 2015

That’s the only way I can describe how I feel

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24 February 2015

Independent school pupils wear wool flannel blazers

1. Frdigt brudtrna tal. Ja vet jag det lter corny eftersom behver du skriva egna inlgg. Avoiding rooms in the ground floor or at the end […]
23 February 2015

However, that malevolent reputation comes from a hoax

The community is bracing for the worst, said Klippel. “Everyone is hopeful, but we recognize the reality of the situation. It’s a 600 year old tree. […]
22 February 2015

You don’t have to take the whole pie

canada goose coats on sale The premise of this bullshit is the “Yui weight gain crap”. Yui appearance at Big Fox Festival. Her “outfit” was excessively […]