7 March 2015

Certainly a depressing read, though I think it ignores the

Somehow my mind grasped the metaphor that when I reach the end of a jar of peanut butter, there is always more left. I can be […]
3 March 2015

Before we begin to illustrate the varieties of sex toys

Bukkake mpg rape in movies hogtied hotties rape women. Sex slave brutal rapes rope bondage extreme dildo insertions. Rape me nirvana bdsm roleplay son rapes mom. […]
3 March 2015

6 years ago from Peru, South America

Fake Handbags With the Wii, having once again established itself as the game company to beat a position it had relinquished to its competitors, Sony and […]
3 March 2015

Give your subconscious the autosuggestion “I want to sleep

In hypnotist terms, it an autosuggestion.Technically you only influencing yourself in this way, but as far as I can tell occultists claim that you not limited […]