There were smiles amid the tears too

There were smiles amid the tears too

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It is the perfect activity for me I still prefer to be alone and I still haven’t recovered my faith or my focus. But through my own desire to participate in the rock hunting game, I have pushed myself. I leave the house a little more; I smile at people passing me on their own walks, I have had conversations with strangers about paint choices.

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Her research interests lie in identifying changes in motor performance with age, and the factors that contribute to successful aging. Dr. Weir has published articles in a variety of journals including, the Journal of Motor Behavior, Developmental Neuropsychology, The International Journal of Sport Psychology, and Motor Control.

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The capability to recognize and localize sounds of interest in the presence of background noises is important for behavioral needs of mammals. This capability is dependent on the central auditory system which consists of a group of hierarchically organized neural structures with the auditory cortex being at the highest level. The auditory cortex receives ascending neural projections from subcortical neural structures and provides descending projections to these structures.

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