“So, the BJP will naturally divert the discourse away from

“So, the BJP will naturally divert the discourse away from

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Fake Handbags The farmers are not even getting the MSP for other crops. The rising diesel, electricity tariffs and fertiliser prices have further added to their distress,” Chaudhary said.He accused the BJP government of having ‘failed’ to tackle crime and corruption, while claiming replica bags thailand that the ‘mishandling’ of the economy was now hurting the middle class as well as small traders.”So, the BJP will naturally divert the discourse away from these failures and talk about Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. However, the RLD has hit the ground and is taking the real issues to the voters,” Chaudhary asserted.Political observers know that in northern India, both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, have strong regional parties which are working together, Chaudhary said, adding that ‘this is the real mahagathbandhan’, he said. Fake Handbags

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