“Their preference for minimal colour is simply because Geminis

“Their preference for minimal colour is simply because Geminis

An astrologist’s guide to organising your interiors

Crammed bookshelves and displays of coffee table books are Aries’ trademark. Picture: Getty

hether you’re an artsy Taurus, an orderly Virgo or a cosy Cancer, your star sign could reveal a lot about your home style according to New York astrologist, Lisa Stardust.

Here’s Stardust’s guide to creating canada goose outlet canada a horoscope inspired space.

The ‘firstborn’ of the zodiac buy canada goose jacket cheap often has a competitive desire to be the best and serve as the spark of inspiration for all the other astrological signs, says Stardust.

Light, airy rooms without fuss and clutter especially the living area suit Geminis. Picture: Getty

“Aries love to be surrounded with bright colours, which are a boost for their passionate, hot blooded nature and suit their powerful dynamic attitude,” she declares.

“A pop of colour in the kitchen or in canada goose outlet store their home accessories harmonise with their fiery energy, and they find it calming. Reds and hot pinks are particularly appealing, Canada Goose Outlet but they could opt for energising coral and electric citrus shades, which are on trend right now.”

STAR TIP: canada goose jacket outlet Crammed bookshelves and displays of coffee table books are Aries’ canada goose outlet in usa trademark, canadian goose jacket giving them a canada goose outlet uk sale chance to subtly boast about their intelligence, as well as adding decoration and personality to rooms.

Lilac should be central to Cancer’s colour scheme, as it evokes a sense of creativity and peace. Picture: Getty

Ruled by tender Venus, Taureans are the most artistic and sensual members of the zodiac, notes Stardust, and need their homes to appeal to all four senses: Taste, sight, touch and smell.

“Lovers of the finer things in life, Tauruses will insist on premium quality canada goose outlet online uk for their furnishings and details, such as paint for walls,” she says. “A Canada Goose online matte neutral shade, or more specifically a fashionable cream, serves as a suitable base palette and acts as the perfect backdrop for their art and favourite metallic accessories.

“As texture and sense are so important, a scented candle is canada goose coats on sale a must have finishing touch.”

STAR TIP: canada goose factory outlet A luxurious bedroom and sensual textures think satin, faux canada goose black friday sale fur, and linen really appeal. Picture: Getty

Known as the intellectuals and communicators of the zodiac, the twins are known for their fast wit and intelligence, and ability to canada goose outlet new york city win anyone over with their charm, says Stardust.

“Although Geminis prefer to be surrounded by stark white walls, this doesn’t mean they have a bland personality,” she says. “Their preference for minimal colour is simply because Geminis are, in themselves, the vibrant essence of the room. They prefer to have simple decor, so their home’s a relaxing environment.”

STAR TIP: Light, airy rooms without fuss and clutter especially the living area suit Geminis. Their preference is for pared back decor, so think shutters rather than curtains, hard floors and a few rugs, streamlined furniture (including a glass coffee table) and plenty of canada goose black friday sale plants.

The crab may have a tough exterior but inside, they’re deeply sensitive and emotional.

“Creating a cosy bedroom should be a priority for these homebodies,” says Stardust. “The most important element of the Cancerian bedroom is actually the bed throw, which is where you’ll find them snuggling up in their cocoon. A thick knitted throw, or even a quilted design, is their favoured way to dress a bed.”

STAR TIP: Lilac should be central to their colour scheme, as it evokes a sense of creativity and peace and allows Cancers to relax. Patterned curtains, plus a coordinating blind, cater to their need for privacy, and create a sanctuary where they can retreat and shut out the Canada Goose Online world.

Dramatic, generous, kind are all words to describe Leos, says Stardust. With their need to be loved and admired, Leo’s love a home filled with stylish objects, such as statement mirrors, velvet sofas and dressers displaying with treasured collections.

“Regal colours, such as royal blue and vibrant berry reds, serve as great accents for the lion’s lair, as they like to be surrounded by hues that represent their bold personality,” Stardust explains.

“An expensive or unusual canada goose outlet piece of art is a sign canada goose outlet of their experimental nature, and they also love a canada goose coats talking point in their home.”

STAR TIP: Alongside https://www.kabbalah-arizal.nl bold tones, Leos love metallic finishes particularly gold tones, which, when combined with jewel shades, help conjure a dramatic and elegant space.

Loyal and hardworking Virgo is the most careful and patient of all the signs, and they’ll prefer to analyse situations before committing, says Stardust.

“Never satisfied with their home furnishings, Virgos tend to redecorate often. If you live with one, it’s worth remembering they take their time to make decisions, so don’t try to rush them!” warns canada goose outlet shop Stardust.

“Ideally, they need a core of functional investment pieces, so changes can be made more easily in details and accessories, avoiding the need for pricey revamps. Ample bookshelves, hanging plants and a classic staple a brown leather sofa will cheap canada goose feature in their decor.”.